The owners of FlowerLab are two young Emiratis who are very passionate about nature, especially flowers. In 2015 Flower Lab was founded with the inspiration of combining the beauty of flowers with an artistic and modern touch. We, at the FlowerLab intend to take flower arrangement and gift wrapping art to the next level by implementing new and unique ideas.

Vision Mission & Values


Our goal is to immerse clients into our world of flowers and design. To us, florals are more than just an accent to the overall space, they create an experience and tell a story. We are the designers for people who are obsessed with color and nature.


The CEO Message

"Uphold utmost regard for our client and keep up to their expectations. Classify and sort their information to provide tailored service according to their necessities."

Get in Touch

Want to get flowery with us? or just want to say Hi! We'd love to hear from you!